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ShankMinds: 2022 Live Virtual Event! Make More Money, Live a Better Life!

Make 2023 Your Best Yet!

Join 12 Top Business Professionals for a Full Day of Growth and Learning!

Thursday, November 10, 2022 / 10:00 am EST

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Featured Speakers

Gabriella Ribeiro

Founder: TruMarketing

"Office Begone: Work From Literally Anywhere."

Jeremiah Owyang

CMO, Rally Network Association
What Entrepreneurs Must Know about Web 3.0"

Peter Shankman

Founder: HARO/Faster Than Normal

"The 2023 Customer Experience"

Kendra Mahon

Canada's Top Fitness Trainer

"Matter over Mind: Why Physical Training is Mandatory for Entrepreneurs"

Scott Carney

Author: That Which Doesn't Kill Us and The Wedge

How to use the environment to hack your business, body, and mind


John Snow

Founder: Victory Boxing

Life Lessons From the Ring

Andre Brisson

Founder: Tactical Breakthroughs
How to Instinctively Solve Business Problems

Brian Scott Gross

Founder: BSG PR

Do Your Own Press.

Dr. Jen Hartstein

Hartstein Psychological Services

Optimizing Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Becca Brown

CEO: Solemates

"Five Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur"

Dan Schwabel

Managing Partner: Workplace Intelligence

"Trends Shaping the Future of Work"

Rani Mani

Director of Diversity: Adobe

"Diversity is Useless without Inclusion"

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Praise for Past Events

"I've been to every ShankMinds since Peter launched his first one back in 2013 - The information, the knowledge, the networking - it never ceases to amaze me, and me and my business consistently benefit from what I've learned.

-Kevin Kelly

"This is stuff you can't learn in a book. Peter has access to people you can't reach out to for advice on your own! His network is incredible - And everyone is willing to share their knowledge!"

-Welmoed Sisson

Don't miss this one chance to start 2023 with a better, more profitable business, and a sharper, keener business mind!